The Opinion of the expert: C-reactive Protein

The translation does not stop surprising me, each translation is a challenge and every day you learn something new, if one knows where to seek information and make sure that this is reliable.

Pablo Mugger, physician and translator from English to Spanish, specializing in the translation of clinical trial protocols, who still actively in a social network, referred to the terms C-reactive protein and activated protein C (which so far I translated as C-reactive protein and activated protein C, respectively) and referred to his “followers” to the blog of English for doctors, laboratory of language, coordinated by Fernando A. Navarro and Jose Ramon Aerate, where the own A Fernando. Navarro explains the difference between the two.

If the English expression activated protein C translate it as «activated protein C» and the English expression C-reactive protein we translate it, moreover, as «C-reactive protein», it can be concluded that in both cases we are speaking of a special type of protein C, which is true in the first case, but false in the second.

The C-reactive protein is not any kind of protein C, but an abnormal protein that, in vitro, reacts by precipitation with somatic C of the pneumococcal polyacrylamide.

This explanation provided by Fernando A. Navarro not only helped me to correct my mistake, but also to think about the importance that it has a “simple” script in English language, and the difficulty posed by our profession of translator.

Thank goodness that there are professionals such as Pablo and Fernando, with its blogs, articles in Internet, social networks, etc., help us in this laborious task of translation, sharing with us your wisdom and experience.

I like to translate, I like people who translate and I like to learn something new every day, and I thank you for the generosity of those who share their wisdom with others.